Health Care, Raptors, and Slim's Country Market

All about the hummingbird.

Yesterday, after seven years of Republicans vowing to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, the Senate took a first step in that direction. They voted to proceed with the debate on the GOP health care bill. Mike Owen, Executive Director of The Iowa Policy Project helps clarify down what is happening and how this affects Iowans.

Kurt Johnson, owner of Slim’s Country Market on Highway 69 by Story City, talks about owning and running an old fashioned road side market that is a Central Iowan traditional institution, in this day and age - its limitations and the sense of community.

John Howe, Director of the Raptor Resource Project gives an update on the successes of the Decorah Eagles, the Raptor Resource Project, and an exciting scholarship being created to benefit students interested in the environment.

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 07/26/2017
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