Tornadoes, Sam Salomone, CIty Council

It is tornado season, so we present a study of myths and facts about tornadoes, including a first-hand account of the July 19th tornado in McGregor Iowa, given by McGregor librarian Michelle Pettit.

This coming Saturday, August 12, KHOI will be celebrating the completion of its fifth year on the air in central Iowa. Festivities will include a 5:30 PM concert of the Chinese Childrens' Choir and Chai Tunes, Ames' own Bollywood band, both at KHOI, 410 Douglas Avenue in Ames. Afterwards, there will be a concert in front of KHOI on Douglas Avenue, by Sam Salomone, organist, inductee in the Iowa Jazz Hall of Fame and the Iowa Blues Hall of Fame. KHOI's Ron Carson and Greta Anderson, spoke with Sam about his life and career playing the Hammond B3.

City Councilwoman Bronwyn Beatty-Hansen reports on event at the Ames City council.

Originally broadcast 08/07/2017
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