DACA, Main Street Oktoberfest, and Emergency Preparedness

Cody West, Iowa State Student Body President reads the DACA Statement that he and other Student Body officials posted on their web site, stating “unwavering empathy and resolute support” of undocumented students at ISU who are affected by our federal government’s plan to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. He also described a statement made by ISU Interim President Allen their supportElizabeth MartinezMulticultural Liaison Officer at ISU and Student Services Specialist in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences explains how the recent developments are affecting students and how support is and can be given to the “Dreamers.” 

The 6th Annual Main Street Oktoberfest celebration is coming to downtown Ames next Saturday the 16th, once again bringing  live polka music, dancing, games, and German Food. Ames resident of German origins Renate Delmon describes Octoberfest in Munich. Second generation German resident of Iowa Herb Bode describes how his parents came to Iowa from Germany after World War 1.

Melissa K Spencer, Deputy Coordinator of Story County Emergency Management, Gives a checklist for emergency preparedness. September is called national and Iowa Emergency Preparedness Month. Do you have your emergency kit ready? Sign up for emergency alerts.

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