Arrival of Rough-Legged Hawks, Ames Hospital Board Candidates, Local Music

Pat Schlarbaum hails the coming of the cold weather with the arrival of rough-legged hawks. 
Dennis Hart provides a roundup of area news from the pages of the Ames Tribune and other area local papers. 
Mary Kitchell, Beth Swenson, and Pamela White, the 3 candidates for the Ames Hospital Board, gave prepared statements at an election-time forum on October 12. The forum was hosted by the Ames League of Women Voters.
Ames Progressive Alliance members Elizabeth Baird, Anne Kinzel, and Carolyn Meyers discuss the local music scene with local musicians Bryon and Rachel Dudley of Nova Labs music studios and Tom Russell, musician  and Russel Piano piano technician, including a first-hand quality assessment of concert equipment used by Bob Dyan, who recently performed in Ames.

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Originally broadcast 10/27/2017
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