Thanksgiving Stories and Songs

To prepare for Thanksgiving we sat around the table in our studio with storytellers Dan Bagley and Patrician Coffie talking about memories of Thanksgiving and its foods.  ​After several servings of turkey and ham with plenty of gravy here in central Iowa​, we turned to jazz with Louis Armstrong complaining to Velma Middleton of "All That Meat and No Potatoes."  To bring ou​r feast t​o ​​2017​,​ we went to the viral YouTube Hip Hop Thanksgiving song, "Grandma: What Are You Cooking for Thanksgiving?" by  Pastor Shirley Ceaser -- you can see here. We ended the show ​with a Thanksgiving Prayer​ by​ Johnny Cash.

Photograph courtesy of the Louis Armstrong House Museum
Norman Rockwell "Freedom from Want" 

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Originally broadcast 11/22/2017
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