Christmas Reflections and Soundscapes

For our post-Christmas program, we drew upon the recollections of Memorable Christmases past from Paul Nelson, Pat Schlarbaum, Roger Berger, Cynthia McClure, Paul Hertz, Merl Hodge, Rick Morrison, David Slade, and Duffie Lorr. In the second half of the show staff members, Ursula Rudenberg and Rebekka Reuter introduced KHOI's new Audio Lab, Soundscape Laboratory.  In this series of workshops, sponsored jointly by KHOI and the ISU Journalism Department, the studio will  provide students with opportunities to learn the art and technique of creating audio.  Community members are also invited to attend, thanks to a grant from Ames Commission on the Arts. We heard from participants at the first Soundscape Workshop, Joe Wallis, Henry, Zimmerman, and Audra.


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Originally broadcast 12/27/2017
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