In these extraordinary times, KHOI FM has been a source of information, comfort and relief for all of us who live in the heart of Iowa.  We hope that you and yours are staying well and safe amid nearly constant challenges to our well-being.

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As COVID-19 changed all our lives, we knew KHOI had to adapt to survive. We had to change our operations to keep our volunteers and employees safe and expand our programming.

Here is how we adapted to the pandemic while still serving our community:

•      We closed our studio to the public and most producers for COVID safety reasons.

•      We upgraded our computer networking technology to allow program producers remote access to our studio.

•      We added an outdoor WIFI connection for producer access to the studio.

•      We hired an additional part time Engineer to facilitate remote production.

•      We expanded “Local Talk” from 3 days a week to 5 days a week to fill the demand for local COVID-19 and election-related information.

•      We increased our coverage of city and county activity.

•      We adapted to using Zoom and other technology for production and planning of every aspect of our business.

 KHOI is here for you…what a relief!

We remain committed to creating a place of refuge for our listeners by providing accurate, timely information and sharing spaces for relief from life’s pressures through arts and music.

We understand there has been widespread economic disruption caused by the pandemic.  Please consider making a year-end donation to become a member of KHOI FM to keep community radio as a vital and information voice for the heart of Iowa. You can become a member by using the yellow "Member/Donor" button in the lefthand column.  If you prefer to use the mail, you can send your donation by check to KHOI Radio at 410 DOuglas Avenue, Ames Iowa, 50010.

Thank you in advance for your support and generosity!