Black Iowa, Lefse, Owls

This diverse program started with Dana James, founder of the online publication "Black Iowa News," telling how her personal experience inspired her to provide information about  healthcare for minorities during the COVID crisis.  Our second guest, Eddie Andrews, newly elected Republican representative from IA district 39, described his election strategy during a pandemic as well as his most important concern, which is mental health practice, especially for children.  Switching to Norwegian heritage we interviewed Diane Tott, who sought to make  Lefse rolling pins from a beloved walnut tree destroyed in last summer's Derecho.  For this project she enlisted  "Lefse King" Gary Legwold.  They joined with Paul Wierson to reminisce about Norwegian food and customs.  Pat Schlarbaum's phenology about the Great Horned Owl closed out the show.


Originally broadcast 01/06/2021