LOCAL TALK 23 March 2021 (Meetz)

Keith Winefeldt describes his business, “Burgers on the Fly”  gives us a historical account of its development his challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, describes some of the menu items and special offerings including offering vegetarian options. 

Mike Meetz and Pat Schlarbaum briefly describe the past Sunday’s  Ames Reads Leopold annual event held at the various the memorial rocks honoring influential Iowa Conservationists at Ada Hayden Heritage Park

Wolf Osterreicht shares what he is observing at Ada Hayden Heritage park. and discusses some early and unusual observations and provided some tips for folks who may want to view the area.  

Susan Qwiasda; Communications Officer for the City of Ames provides timely information on City events and Ames Police Commander Jason Tuttle Reviews that this is Severe Weather Awareness Week, and explains the outdoor weather warning system, why the sirens are activated, and what should we do when we hear them. He also emphasizes that as the weather warms, it’s important to remember to share the roads. Automobile and truck drivers should be on the lookout for motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians

Anna Magnussen,  KHOI’s Top “Good News Banana” brightens our day.
Offering Poems, Music, and a review of Tuesday programs; All Things Piano, Donna-Lana Kitchen, Science Bytes, and Heart2Heart along with a sneak peek of Thursday’s, You Name It.
City of Ames: cityofames.org

Anna Magnusson; anna@iowaable.org

Ada Hayden Heritage Park adahaydenpark.blogspot.com.


Originally broadcast 03/23/2021