Grassroots Radio Comes To Town!

We invite a number of our guests from around the country to share their visions for community radio. Adrienne Lauby of Pacifica station KPFA Berkeley is currently focusing on the untapped resources of the disability community. Behr of KMUD in California redwoods country describes how emergency response is a vital function of community radio when the dial is crowded with faraway corporate stations. Marika Partridge, former director of NPR's "All Things Considered", explains why she switched from public radio to community radio. Then we hear from two newcomers to the scene: Sam Brannon of San Marcos, Texas and Rev. Joan Ross of Detroit, who states "we're not waiting for the Blackhawk helicopters" in her coalition's efforts to rebuild an occupied city based on human capital. Finally, DJ Defkawn-Edge of KSBR of Mount Vernon, Washington, describes how his hiphop show reinvents the storytelling tradition of the native people he comes from.

Originally broadcast 08/15/2014
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