Prairie Awakening Celebration

Once again, the traditions of the Prairie Awakening Celebration will bring the music, drum, songs, dance and stories of Iowa’s First Peoples to the Land. Our celebration this year will feature the Ioway Nation. Prairie Awakening is an invitation to you to join us in an arena carved out of the restored tall grass prairies of Kuehn and remember your place on this land. Enjoy the drum, songs, dances and stories. Join the celebration. Dance. Step inside these first stories of the Ioway Peoples and experience the memories of the land here in Dallas County. In this intimate, one-to one setting we hope to construct a conversation between cultures that will go beyond a history lesson, evoking a sense of place in the participants. As we again awaken the prairie, we hope to awaken the connections in you to the wilds of your home.

The event is free. No registration required. An evening meal will be available for purchase, with proceeds supporting the celebration. Please bring your own lawn chairs or blankets for seating.

Originally broadcast 09/03/2014
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