Clean Water Radio, Episode 8: Taking Stock of Waste

Ursula and Greta speak with two residents (and past mayors) of Luther, Iowa (pop. ~ 120) about that town's sewage crisis. Many, but not all, septics in Luther are sending partially treated waste to the watershed, and the city council has a proposal to upgrade them all at the same time, at considerable expense. Next, Greta visits the new waste lagoon facility of Collins (pop. 500), which surprised residents with its expense ($42-44 a month) and expanse (18 acres). Residents of small Iowa towns are struggling to take responsibility for their waste. The rest of the hour is spent talking with Gene Tinker, coordinator of Animal Feeding Operations for the state of Iowa, about regulations on the raw manure produced at factory farms and spread on farm fields throughout the state. Does Iowa code demand accountability from farmers or protect them from it?

Originally broadcast 09/26/2014
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