Food Pantry, Shadows of Liberty, and Healthiest Ames

Jean-Philip TremblayKay Puttock interviews Roy Fischer from the Bethesda Lutheran Church Food Pantry as part of our Community Service Appreciation program.

This coming Friday evening, October 3, KHOI will present a special screening of the independent film, “Shadows of Liberty”, which investigates corporate control of news media, censorship, cover-ups and offers an analysis about how this colludes with forces of corruption and war. Jean-Philip Tremblay (pictured), the award-winning film maker, calls us from London England, to describe the film and explain why he made it.

Then, Cheryl Langston and John Shierholz come by KHOI Studio A to explain the Healthiest Ames program integrating various exercise and recreation activities throughout our community. They announce a lecture at 3:30 PM October 3 on the "walkability and bikability" of towns by Mark Fenton.

Pat Schlarbaum describes how we can help bluebirds by caring for their homes and understanding their habits and needs.

Originally broadcast 09/29/2014
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