World Food Prize

Reporters Greta Anderson and Gale Seiler explore the World Food Prize founded by Iowa's Nobel Prize-winner Norman Borlaug, the man behind the Green Revolution. Events surrounding the awarding of this year's prize are gearing up both in Des Moines and in Ames. First, we speak with Cornelia Flora, distinguished professor emeritus of sociology at ISU, who has attended numerous WFP symposiums over the years, and whose latest work as a researcher focuses on adapting smallholder farming systems in Latin America and Africa to the new challenges of climate change. She is hosting a meal and panel discussion by Ethiopian farmers and agricultural advisors this Sunday evening at Ames UCC church. In the second half of the show, we speak with Elizabeth Kucinich, a spokesperson for the Center for Food Safety and on the board of Rodale Institute, about her and her husband's upcoming talk on food security and national security, at an "Occupy the World Food Prize" event on Tuesday in Des Moines. Why do some people think the World Food Prize need to be "occupied"? Listen and find out!

Originally broadcast 10/10/2014
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