Niland's Cafe

County Reporters Paul Wierson and Susan Franzen devoted this program to happenings along the Lincoln Highway. We started in the KHOI studio with our guest Artie Sanghi, from RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) talking with Paul about his experiences in the Speak Up program which in which 5th graders in various Story County schools learn speaking and writing skills in a six week course with a volunteer. In an interview Paul and Susan had recorded on their road trip to Colo the day before​, Vicky Wilson, 5th grade teacher at Colo-Nesco, described the advantages of bringing a volunteer like Paul into her classroom. After leaving the school, they had lunch at Niland’s Café at the Reed Nyland Corner, founded as a gas station in 1923 at the intersection of the Lincoln and Jefferson Highways. Owner-Manager Sandra Huemann-Kelley gave ​them a tour of this lively historical site. Down the road in Boone, we heard from Boone County Historical Society director Pam Schwartz about their current exhibit and contest called “Secrets: the mysteries behind unidentified photography” in which people are invited to write stories about the possible events shows in the pictures. See the website for details.

Originally broadcast 10/22/2014
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