Musica Antiqua

Dr. Carl Bleyle, the director of Musica Antiqua, a music ensemble devoted to performing music from the Middle Ages and Renaissance, described the ensemble, the instruments used, and the history of the music. . He has been a member of Musica Antiqua since its founding in 1967, and also professor emeritus of musicology at ISU, and is also director of music at Collegiate United Methodist Church. Musica Antiqua is one of the organizations participating in the 2015 ISU Madrigal Dinners, on Friday, January 16 and Saturday, January 17. He also discussed the entertainment for the Madrigal Dinners, which are celebrating their 50th anniversary.Tickets are sold out for January 17th, but are still available for the 16th.

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 12/29/2014
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