Raising Readers, Project Smyles

January 31, 2014 - 7:00am -- ron

Local Talk program originally broadcast 01/31/2014
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Two projects aimed at encouraging young people to read were featured on KHOI’s Local Talk show Friday, Jan. 31.

Co-hosts Susan Franzen and Tom Beell talked with the president and vice president of Raising Readers , Carol Elbert and Carolyn Jons, who described the wide variety of activities their group’s volunteers undertake to instill a love of reading in children.

Also appearing on the program Friday was Linda Olson, organizer of Project Smyles at the Ames Public Library. Project Smyles encourages youngsters to take advantage of the library’s rich collection of books, CDs and DVDs. Staff members conduct story times for children’s groups and in other ways help children develop appreciate the joy and value of reading. Like Raising Readers, Project Smyles is funded by grants and private donations. Earlier in the program, Paul Schlarbaum talked with Steve Dinsmore about the unusual sounds of Iowa’s owls. And then Pete Seeger, who died Monday (Jan. 27), was remembered with his performance of Alligator Hedgehog and Leather Wing Bat from his album, Birds, Beasts, Bugs and Fishes.

Birds, Bugs, and "Boeing, Boeing"

January 29, 2014 - 7:00am -- ron

Local Talk program originally broadcast 01/29/2012
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This is a celebrations of the events outdoors and indoors that enliven the end of January. We hear about eagles nesting, skating on the skunk river, biking to work, running with the Polar Bear Club, bugs in winter, and the ACTORS production of "Boeing, Boeing", the French farce opening this weekend.

    We heard from:
  • Pat Schlarbaum, DNR Wildlife Diversity
  • Steve and Ethy Cannon
  • Zoe Pritchard
  • Donald Lewis, ISU Extension Entomologist
  • Stacy Brothers, director of "Boeing, Boeing"
  • Paul Sim, cast of "Boeing, Boeing"

Satellites and Butterflies

January 28, 2014 - 7:00am -- ron

Heart of Iowa program originally broadcast 01/28/2014
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Jeremy Kerr of the University of Ottawa, a consultant for the Canadian government about species at risk of extinction, describes his work mapping change on a macro scale. Dr. Kerr argues that this kind of science is becoming more relevant in the context of climate change. His particular research interest is butterflies, and his lab recently launched the website "ebutterfly," where ordinary citizens can contribute to ecological science by logging in data about butterfly sightings. Kerr's lecture was this year's Paul L. Errington Memorial Lecture at ISU. Errington was an Iowa State College scientist whose 1957 book, Of Men and Marshes, is in the same class of work as Aldo QCLeopold's Sand County Almanac.

PFI's Well Grounded

January 24, 2014 - 7:00am -- ron

Local Talk program originally broadcast 01/24/2014
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On the occasion of Practical Farmers of Iowa's 2014 conference, "Well Grounded," reporter Greta Anderson and frequent KHOI contributor Angie Carter discuss PFI with "shrimp hugger" Mark Peterson, a farmer from southwest Iowa who has been experimenting with cover crops. Then, Greta interviews Ricardo Salvador, who will be delivering the keynote address on Friday afternoon. Dr. Salvador taught for many years in the ISU Agronomy department and now heads up the Food and Environment advocacy program at the Union for Concerned Scientists.

Martin Luther King Day Celebration

January 20, 2014 - 7:00am -- ron

Martin Luther King Day Celebration
Local Talk program originally broadcast 01/20/2014
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Eevening Community MLK Celebration at Ames Middle School
Heart of Iowa program originally broadcast on 01/23/2014
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The program discussed the Martin Luther King Day evening celebration at Ames Middle School, some of the history of Martin Luther King's activities in the Civil Rights Movement in Alabama leading up to the passing of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, as well and the activities for the National Day of Service in Ames is 2015 coordinated by the Story County Volunteer Center.

Hosts for this program were Ursula Ruedenberg and Susan Franzen

Guests on the program:

  • Devita Harden, Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Committee
  • Heather Gray, WRFG, Radio Free Georgia in Atlanta
  • Hannah Dankbar, AmeriCorp VISTA at Story County Volunteer Center
  • Becca Brown, AmeriCorp VISTA at Story County Volunteer Center


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