KHOI Board of Directors

Joe Lynch 
Chairman of the Board
(515) 292-0117
Joe Lynch is a resident of Ames since 1975 and has enjoyed market gardening to provide vegetables to the local farmer's markets and eateries for the last 15 years. His engineering degrees and interest in local politics fit well with the opportunity to volunteer at KHOI and ensure its long-term success as a community based radio station. Sustainable agriculture and renewable energy are also among the other interests that he loudly supports. You will find him this winter working to make KHOI's plans for new broadcast/recording studios become a reality.
  Fran Amin
Vice Chair 
Thomas Beell
The job Tom Beell loves best at KHOI is producing his weekly movie soundtrack show for the Morning Masterpieces and Classical Sunday programs on the station. While teaching journalism at Iowa State University, Tom was the movie reviewer for the Ames Tribune and WOI radio for many years. A native of Tacoma, Washington,
Tom’s professional background includes work as a newspaper and broadcast reporter, as well as a military information office for the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam War. He recently retired as a journalism professor after 38 years at ISU.
David Hoffman
Cornelia B Flora
Kay Puttock
Kay Puttock has been on the board of KHOI from the beginning, before we were on the air. She's a retired professor of literature and, since one of the things she taught was world literature, she likes to remind people that she's got degrees from three separate continents (Britain, Africa and U.S.A.) She loves walking with her big dog, Emma.
Paul Nelson
  Mary Richards
Mary Richards has been involved with KHOI since long before it went on the air and most recently joined the Board of Directors in January of 2017.  She considers her volunteer efforts on behalf of KHOI as a significant focus of her retirement since her time as Story County Attorney. She developed and has been a producer or co-producer of KHOI's Community Book Shelf for five years.  As a lover of books and an admirer of Doug Brown’s Book Club heard on WOI fm for many years, she is very pleased to be able to present to the KHOI listening audience books by local authors or with local connections.