KHOI Board of Directors


Cornelia B Flora Cornelia B Flora

Cornelia Butler Flora, Charles F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor of Agriculture and Sociology Emerita at Iowa State University and Research Professor Kansas State University, served 15 years as Director of the North Central Regional Center for Rural Development, a twelve-state research and extension institute. Previously she was holder of the Endowed Chair in Agricultural Systems at the University of Minnesota, head of the Sociology Department at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, a University Distinguished Professor at Kansas State University, and a program officer for the Ford Foundation. She has taught in Spain, Peru, Argentina and Uruguay.  She is past president of the Rural Sociological Society, the Community Development Society, and the Society for Agriculture, Food and Human Her books include Baptism by Fire and Spirit: Pentecostalism in Colombia, Interactions Between Agroecosystems, Rural Communities, Rural Communities: Legacy and Change (5 editions), Rural Policies for the 1990s, and Sustainable Agriculture in Temperate Zones. She has over four decades of work on indicators of development around the community capitals: natural, cultural, human, social, political, financial, and built, both in the U.S. and in developing countries.  Her Bachelor of Arts degree is from the University of California at Berkeley in 1965 and her M.S. (1966) and Ph.D. (1970) degrees are from Cornell University, where she received the 1994 Outstanding Alumni Award from the College of Agriculture and Life Science. She was president of the Boards of Directors of the Henry A. Wallace Institute of Alternative Agriculture and on the boards of several organizations, CONDESAN (The Consortium for the Sustainable Development of Andean Ecoregion), the Midwest Assistance Program, the Northwest Area Foundation, Winrock International, and the National Community Forestry Center and the National Agricultural Research, Education and Economics Advisory Board of USDA.

Thomas Beell Thomas Beell

The job Tom Beell loves best at KHOI is producing his weekly movie soundtrack show for the Morning Masterpieces and Classical Sunday programs on the station. While teaching journalism at Iowa State University, Tom was the movie reviewer for the Ames Tribune and WOI radio for many years. A native of Tacoma, Washington, Tom’s professional background includes work as a newspaper and broadcast reporter, as well as a military information office for the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam War. He recently retired as a journalism professor after 38 years at ISU.

Mary Richards Joe Lynch

Joe Lynch is a local organic farmer. He has been involved with KHOI since long before it went on the air and was a pivotal member of the team that built KHOI and oversaw the construction of its broadcast studios in Ames, Iowa.


Mary Richards

Mary Richards


Mary Richards has been involved with KHOI since long before it went on the air and most recently joined the Board of Directors in January of 2017.  She considers her volunteer efforts on behalf of KHOI as a significant focus of her retirement since her time as Story County Attorney. She developed and has been a producer or co-producer of KHOI's Community Book Shelf for five years.  As a lover of books and an admirer of Doug Brown’s Book Club heard on WOI fm for many years, she is very pleased to be able to present to the KHOI listening audience books by local authors or authors with local connections.

Ruth Wiedemeier


Ruth has worked for non-profit organizations for the past 15 years, as both an employee and as a volunteer. She has volunteered for KHOI since 2014 in various capacities, and primarily as bookkeeper. She is currently employed by Pacifica Foundation Radio as business manager for the Pacifica Affiliates Network.

Lynne Carey Lynne Carey

Lynne Carey retired from the Ames Public Library after 35 years of service. At APL, Lynne developed a strong passion for community building through collaboration. She believes that community radio can play a vital role in creating positive connections.

Lynne received a BS from ISU in psychology and women’s studies. She is one of the rare Story County natives who stayed put.  She and her spouse, Navid Emami, live in Nevada in Lynne’s childhood home, and appreciate the small town living that Iowa offers.

Pat Schlarbaum Pat Schlarbaum

Pat Schlarbaum has been a resident of Story County pretty much all his adult life.  After a military stint he graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Animal Ecology that resulted in a 33 year career with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources until his retirement in 2017.  Pat was involved with a fledgling Wildlife Diversity Program that focused upon wildlife that are not hunted or consumed.  His work involved conservation minded Iowans with their passions for songbirds, and a wide array of wildlife from eagles and river otters to sandhill cranes. The opportunity to amplify peoples’ conservation interests is a means to strengthen the KHOI community.

Jim Popken
Chief of Operations

Jim Popken is retired after more than 30 years in the engineering profession. He arrived in Ames in 1985. Since then he has been involved in the community as a volunteer and board member for various non-profit organizations. Jim served as a Ames City Councilperson for 4 years. In addition to his activities at KHOI, he currently is serving on the Roosevelt Summer Sundays Concert Committee, The Friends of Roosevelt Park board and the Ames Historical Society Board.

Jim received a bachelor of science degree in Electrical Engineering. He enjoys assisting KHOI with his technical abilities and learning about the broad range of the station’s technical infrastructure, from computer networking to FM radio transmitters.

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