Bob's 8-Track Garage Sale

Thursdays 11:00 AM - 12:00 noon


On Bob’s 8-track Garage Sale, listeners can get a taste of 8-track music from the late 1960’s, 70’s and early 80’s. Though the technology was replaced by other formats, the 8-track remains a favorite among many avid collectors. Anders plays tracks directly from a 8-track player. The show was named as such because the host derived most of his 8-tracks from garage sales.

The show does not include just popular music from the heyday of the technology. It features music across genres available at the time. At one point, Anders had a 8-track player in his car. His track collection lay dormant for a while but he was still charmed by the technology. He started exploring his collection again a decade ago and looked into starting a radio show just a few years ago.

“KHOI has a remarkable forum for pursuing personal music interests. Such a show would not have been possible on a regular radio station,” Anders says.

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