Climate Rally, Audio Collage, C.Y. Stevens

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On this show, we had a report from KHOI reporter Preston Burris on an early Earth Day Rally held this week on ISU’s campus. The rally was organized by a student group called Climate Reality. Host Gale Seiler shared an audio collage made from excerpts of recent Local Talk shows. They highlighted KHOI’s mission of Radio for All, which is the themes for our current fundraising drive. In the last segment, Alex Fejfar from the Ames Historical Society stopped by to tell us about the history of C.Y. Stevens Auditorium and the other four buildings that comprise the Iowa State Center. There will be a lecture on Wednesday at the Ames Library entitled Cheers to 50 years: C.Y. Stephens Marks a Milestone

Music for All

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 04/17/2019
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Today's program was a celebration of KHOI's broad offerings of musical styles. We started with Marty Miller telling us the history and highlights of the Barn Owl Bandwhich will be playing next  Wednesday (April 24) during KHOI's four day Pantorium Sessions.  Ron Carson, chair KHOI's music committee, described the other three groups performing this week.  Hosts Susan Franzen and Paul Wierson reflected on a sound collage from the 2018 archives.  The show closed with Shon Stephenson, operations manager for Ames Children's Choirs, telling us about the Midwest Children's Choir Festival on April 26. 

Dennis Maulsby, Human Trafficking, and ISU's Earth Month

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 04/12/2019
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Dennis Hart gives a summary of local news from the pages of the Ames Tribune.

Dennis Maulsby, an Ames poet and author, describes his recently released, Winterset.
Please join us in the book release party, when Mr. Maulsby will read from portions of the book and sign bought copies. 

at  KHOI, 410 Douglas Avenue in Ames
April 18 at 7 PM

A percentage of the proceeds will go to support KHOI during this, our ongoing Spring fund drive:

George Belitzos, the Chair of the Iowa Network Against Human Trafficking and Slavery, asks you to come out for a public forum and discussion on human trafficking. The Ames City Council will host the discussion in the City Council chambers on April 16 from 6-7 PM. Everyone is invited to come and participate or just listen. Mr. Belitzos explains on Local Talk that Ames is the only major town or city in Central Iowa that has not adopted an ordinance against human trafficking and thus attracts the traffickers that have had to leave communities with ordinances. Mr. Belitzos explains the nature of trafficking and its growth and seriousness as a problem. 

Merry Rankin, Ames and ISU Sustainability Director for Sustainability, and students at ISU and other Iowa colleges and Universities, describe their recent All-Iowa Sustainability Conference

SILT and Practical Farmers

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 04/10/2019
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Following our monthly Story County report from Leanne Harter, co-host Gina McAndrews gave a report of her road trip to the SILT (Sustainable Iowa Land Trust) benefit concert in Iowa City. While there she interviewed farmers from three of the farms that make up the land trust.  A phone call from SILT president, Stewart Valentine, described the work of the organiztion. Sally Worley executive director of Practical Farmers of Iowa, joined us to describe Field Days and other ways farmers learn from farmers. All discussed the ways they help connect retiring farmers with young farmers and the emphasis on farms of all sizes growing food for people. 

Demo of Love, Making Democracy Work, Finches, Emergency Communication

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 04/08/2019
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We had a live report from Ursula Reudenberg who was at the demonstration of love for LGBTQ+ students at Ames High School, in response to anti-gay protestors from out of state. The Making Democracy Work award is being given by the Ames Chapter of the League of Women Voters this week.  Host Gale Seiler interviewed the League President, Nancy Halvorson, and the award recipient, Bev Kruempel. Pat Schlarbaum brought us a phenology about finches affected by conjunctivitis and what bird lovers can do to prevent its spread. Keith Morgan from Story County Emergency Management shared several ways to stay informed about emergency events in your area. 


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