Search and Rescue, Sustainable Farms and Food

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 05/15/2019
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Leanne Harter brought us the monthly Story County Report with information about the 2010 Census.  Then Gina McAndrews and Ken Birt came in to tell us about STAR1, a Search and Rescue all volunteer organization that responds to lost and missing person incidents in Iowa and the surrounding area. Shifting to Sustainable Farming, Farm Reporter Gina McAndrews and Susan Franzen visited the National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment, on the ISU Campus, where lab director Jerry Hatfield showed us around and explained the work of the lab as a Climate Hub.  Following up on Hatfield's discussion, we heard from small farm proponent John Ikerd, who also gave us a preview of the film "Right to Harm" a film produced by Iowa Alliance for Responsible Agriculture

Sen. Warren, Critter Care, Public Safety Radio

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 05/13/2019
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Reporter Cal Halliburton brought us excerpts from Elizabeth Warrens’ recent visit to Idaho Falls. Naturalist Pat Schlarbaum provided information about not interfering with nature and “rescuing” baby animals from their natural surroundings. Keith Morgan from Story County Emergency Management and Doug Houghton, the Support Services Manager for the Ames Police Department, came by to tell us about the new public safety radio system that will be built here in Story Co over the next few years. 

Mothers Day with Reiman Gardens and Grape Pie. Ames Chamber of Commerce & Economic Development Leadership Series

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 05/10/2019
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Dennis Hart gives a summary of this past week's local news from the pages of the Ames Tribune.

Sara Buss, Event Coordinator for Ames Chamber of Commerce & Economic Development describes their leadership series and upcoming Leadercast,Super Charged! gathering on Friday May 17. The event will feature presentations on leadership by local personalities, as well as known guest speakers from around the country via video simulcast.

Iowa State and Ames Sustainability Director, Merry Rankin speaks with Ed Lyon, Director of Reiman Gardens about Spring planting, their innovative Hillside Garden, the Reiman Garden plant sale and Mother’s Day at the Garden.

Pat Schlarbaum celebrates Mothers Day with an interview with owners of the John 15 Vineyard in Scranton, Iowa, and their signature grape pie. 

Immigrants, Refugees, Ramadan

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 05/08/2019
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Nature Reporter Pat Schlarbaum brought us a report on blackbird flocks of all kinds.  Following a compilation of immigrant stories from our archives-- Rick Exner speaking from a "A Day Without Immigrants" at the Iowa Capital in 2017, Marisa Barco telling about the closing of El Buen Gusto a Salvadoran restaurant in Perry last March, and Janet Toering, executive director of All Cultures Equal Community Center in Webster City--David Hanson and Lewis Rosser came into the stations to tell us about the work of AIRA (Ames International Refugee Alliance.  Aladdin Al Katheri wapped up the program with a personal perspective on the meaning of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan

Go Red for Women, College Grad, Rental Cap

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 05/06/2019
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Cathy Adams from the American Heart Association provided information about the dangers of heart disease for women and Go Red for Women. We also heard an interview with Alejandro Martinez about his journey to become the first college graduate in his family. Bronwyn Beatty Hansen, a member of the Ames City Council stopped by. She spoke about the recently passed Iowa legislation that will eliminate the neighborhood rental caps approved by the Ames City Council, as well as Bike to Work Week, which is May 13-19. The City of Ames and other organizations and businesses will sponsor events during that week. 


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