More Wind, Norooz, John Domini

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Our show today started with Charlie Kostelnick, former Boone County Planning and Zoning Commissioner, explaining some of the issues facing Apex Renewable Energy as it negotiates with landholders in Boone County (a follow-up to last Wednesday's Local Talk).  Then we offered a program of support to the Iranian Students and Scholars as they told of the cultural importance of the Norooz (Persian/Iranian New Year) -- Nasim Sabatpour and Fran Amin explained the history and traditions of the festival. This popular festival has been cancelled for 2020.  Finally, author John Domini discussed his book "The Color Inside a Melon," which will be part of an author series at Cambridge Memorial Library (unexpectedly postponed until fall).  

Boone Wind Farm, Regenerative Ag, McGill, McHale Trio

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 03/04/2020
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Our first guest was Max Jabrixio, the Public Engagement Manager, for Apex Renewable Energy,which has been working on the Great Pathfinder Wind Project in Boone.  Following that was a recording of Finian Makepeace from a Forum on Regenerative Agriculture.  And,  Paula Forrest came in to tell us about Town and Gown's next concert with  Brothers Anthony and Demarre McGill, each a classical music star in his own right on clarinet and flute, respectively, have joined with Irish pianist Michael McHale to form a unique ensemble.  


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Mary Logsdon, Manager of Adult Services at AmesPublic Library and Linda Hagedorn, President of the League ofWomen Voters for Ames and Story County describe the upcoming International Womens' Day celebration at the AMes Public Library, an annual event that brings together many individuals and organizations. The celebration will be held on March 7 from 2 - 4 PM at the Ames Public Library.

Mary Logsdon, who is retiring in April also reflected on her years of service at the Library, as well as being part of this annual event.

Benjamin Ukelo, Ames native of Sudanese heritage, explained why there was a rally held by Sudanese at the Iowa State Capital a couple of weeks ago, protesting bloody atrocities in Abiea, a border region in South Sudan. 

Bronwyn Beatty-Hanson, Ames City council member at Large, gave an update on work being done at the Ames City Council, to set priorities and goals, according to the values that council members have identified for Ames quality of life.  

Small Towns, Balthazar, Young Artists Concert

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 02/26/2020
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Dunstin Ingram, Director, Community & Economic Development Outreach for the Ames Chamber of Commerce, came in to talk to us about the March 3 school bond election and how it could affect a couple of small towns in Story County.  The discussion turned to ways small towns attract residents and anchor institutions.  Our second guest was Brandon Russom, describing how his first book “Balthazar Bunny and the Quest for Slicey, Slicey, Cut, Cut" was written with his pre-school students and published in England.  Continuing  with young people's creativity we spoke with MaryKay Polashek, and Kate McAlister about the Young Artists Concert to be performed March 1 at the Ames City Auditorium.  

Felons, Iranian Engineers and Sabrina Fair

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 02/19/2020
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We started today's show with a collaboration between KHOI and the American City Liberties Union  (ACLU) of Iowa -- "Our Liberties We Podcast" with Daniel Zeno.  The topic was felony disenfranchisement in Iowa and the constitutional amendment to restore voting rights for felons who have fulfilled their sentences.  Then we turned to the case of the Mahla Shahkhajeh, an Iranian graduate student bound for ISU, who had been denied entry to the US in spite of an extensive visa examination at the American embassy in Tehran.  To learn of ISU's response to this we spoke with Gary Mirka, professor of industrial and manufacturing systems engineering at Iowa State University, who told us the specifics of Mahla's case as well as the importance placed on International graduate students in engineering at ISU.  Fran Amin, a biomedical engineer who came to ISU for graduate school from Iran in 1976, and has studied and worked in Ames every since, told us a little about how the Iranian Revolution had changed the lives of women, but how there are consistently a high number of well trained women engineers. We ended the show with Lori Haynes giving us news of Boone Community Theatre's upcoming events.  


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