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LOCAL TALK 23 February 2021 Meetz

Originally broadcast 02/23/2021 

Karen Kedrowski, Director of the Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics (a political science professor at Iowa State University. Her research agenda focuses on women and politics and civic engagement.)   U.S. Rep. Katie Porter – an Iowa native who represents California’s 45th Congressional District and has earned a reputation for her tough questioning and use of visual aids during congressional hearings – will give a virtual presentation on Feb. 26 as the Spring 2021 Mary Louise Smith Chair in Women and Politics.

Dan Culhane, Director of the Ames Chamber of Commerce 
A) South Duff businesses what impact  if any on the area businesses, discussed the work on the banks along the Ioway river begins in the near future?
B) New Businesses in the former Kmart complex.
C)  What effect will the latest version of the Paycheck Protection Plan have on our local small businesses?  
D) Chamber opposes legislative bill to eliminate tenure requirements for the 3 major universities.

Susan Qwiasda,  City of Ames Public Relations Officer  visited about City Council meeting this evening

Ron Edwards (Animal Control Supervisor)

Anna, KHOI’s Top Good News Banana offers Poems, Music, and a review of Tuesday programs Donna-Lana Kitchen, Science Bytes, and Heart2Heart

City of Ames:

The Mary Louise Smith Chair in Women and Politics. lecture will be shared via WebEx at

Dan Culhan; Director, Ames Chamber of Commerce,

Anna Magnusson;

Electric Power, Redistricting, Voting

Originally broadcast 02/24/2021 

Our first guest, James McCalley, head of ISU's Electric Power and Energy Systems, introduced us to what we need to know about Iowa's relationship to both generation and distribution of electric power in the long term.  Facing more immediate challenges was Steve Guyer, Climate Policy Specialist for the Iowa Environmental Council, which is holding a Advocacy Day at the Iowa Capitol and described the importance of renewing solar tax credits in House File 221. Redistricting, and the problems this mandatory action is having because of the delay in the census, was the subject of Evan Burger who recently wrote an article in Laura Belin's "Broken Heartland" Blog.  And finally Carolyn Klaus of the Ames League of Women Voters.

CAPITOL WEEK 22 February 2021

Originally broadcast 02/22/2021 

In-depth information about local politics and Iowa government hosted by Laura Belin and Dennis Hart. Laura and Dennis take an in-depth look at the week’s legislative actions, government agencies, the governor, and other events that affect the Iowa government. This show  takes you behind the scenes, as lawmakers and elected officials act on matters that affect you and your family.

Masks, NAACP Freedom Fund, Anne Feeney

Originally broadcast 02/17/2021 

Today we had lots of news from our Story County Report, delivered by Linda Murken, member of the Story County Board of Supervisors   First, she told us why the Supervisors decided to maintain the Mask Mandate they put in place last October as advised by the Story County Board of Health.  We then heard fromVanessa Baker-Lattimer, chair of committee for the Ames NAACP Freedom Fund Event to be held February 18 at 6:30 P.M with Kemba Smith-Pradia as keynote speaker (for tickets go to htps:// Ursula Ruedenberg then gave a tribute to Anne Feeney, songwriter, union organizer, and supporter of community radio, who died of COVID on February 3.

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Housing Study and presentation available here:

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