LOCAL TALK 30 November 2021

Originally broadcast 11/30/2021 

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Local Talk for Tuesday November 30, 2021 featured  Tyler Harms, Stephanie and Todd Burras focusing on the bird world and bird surveys coming up.  A Redtailed Hawk discussion included various color phases of buteo hawks in general but focusing on field marks to look for in identification.  A belly band is common with redtails.  Other hawks this time of year are the Rough-legged hawks and Northern Harriers.  Susan Gwiasda with the City of Ames invited Paul Tauke to discuss trees in Ames. Susan announced Supplemental Input Climate Action Committee meeting Dec. 1, 6-8PM at Water Treatment Plant on 13th St.  The next Steering Committee meeting is Dec. 14th and next City Council meeting was Dec. 21st.  Anna Banana rounded out the program with her Tune in Tuesday report.  George Harrison's What is Life was the music selection.

Thanksgiving Storytelling

Originally broadcast 11/25/2021 

We celebrated Thanksgiving sitting around the table in our studio with storytellers Dan Bagley and Patrician Coffie talking about memories of Thanksgiving and its foods.  After several servings of turkey and ham with plenty of gravy here in central Iowa, we turned to jazz with Louis Armstrong complaining to Velma Middleton of "All That Meat and No Potatoes."  To bring our feast to the present, we went to the viral YouTube Hip Hop Thanksgiving song, "Grandma: What Are You Cooking for Thanksgiving?" by  Pastor Shirley Ceaser  We ended the show with a Thanksgiving Prayer by Johnny Cash. (The program was originally aired in 2017 and is dedicated to Janet Klaas and Paul Nelson).

Main Street Holiday Festivals and Local News

Originally broadcast 11/24/2021 

Paul Wierson reminisced with Shannon McKinley from the Story City Greater Chamber Connection about the century old tradition of lighting the giant Christmas tree to start the season in Story City.  Laura Bade from the Boone Convention and Visitors Bureau described how the downtown activities cancelled in 2021 are back with verve, including the lighted parade.  In Nevada the retired editor of the Nevada Journal, Marlys Barker, uses her new Facebook Page "Stories by Marlys Barker" both to tell stories and publicize upcoming events in Nevada. We learned that the necessity of livestreaming festivals last year resulted in thousands of views from people who had moved away--a surprising silver lining.

The second half of the program was a rundown of the variety of news programs available throughout the day of Wednesday, including Fallon Forum.  Ed Fallon joined us to describe his approach to  "Progressive Voices from the Heartland" including the Great Climate March from Los Angeles to New York.  He also alerted us to the upcoming debates over TWO proposed carbon capture pipelines by Summit Carbon, and the criticism they are drawing from both Agricultural Landholders and the Food & Water Watch.

LOCAL TALK 23 November 2021

Originally broadcast 11/23/2021 

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Carolyn Rathensperger, Executive Director of the Science and Environmental Health Network  shares her message about the COP 26 (Conference of the Parties) that was held in Paris, France as it relates to our environmental concerns. Dan Culhane, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Ames’ Chamber shares information about the holiday season’s impact on our local business community and the merchants of Ames and our Story County communities. We also discuss the progress occurring along the Prairie View-East Lincolnway corridor. Susan Gwiasda Public Information Officer for the City of Ames reminds listeners that City offices will be closed for the thanksgiving observance and that this next Saturday is the last opportunity to take advantage of the free yard waste disposal day. Ames Animal Control Supervisor Ron Edwards visits with us about pet adoption for the holidays.  Ron also reviews the care pets need for outdoor animal activities as the winter season sets in.

LOCAL TALK 19 November 2021

Originally broadcast 11/19/2021 

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Local Talk for Friday November 19 was started with an update of local news by Dennis Hart.  Mario Cothen provided an interesting overview of the ISU football team and program.  Susan Gwiasda discussed the Climate Action Plan proceedings. more information at CityofAmes.org.  And Mary Wilkins with ISU Extension talked about Maker Monday coming up December 20 and a new 4H Chapter in the Ames area.  For further information ISUExtension@iastate.edu/StoryCounty or 515-337-1601. A Snowy Owl phenology was presented.  Music was Fire by the Pointer Sisters.


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