Arnie Arnesen and Steffen Schmidt Raise Funds for KHOI May1

May 3, 2012 - 11:02am -- andy.tang

Arenesen continued: "We can repeat a story and see that’s the beauty of community radio. You can talk about the same story five days in a row because you know what? That story deserves five days. Well, public radio can’t do five days, commercial radio won’t do five days, but we can because it needs to be talked about. If it’s local community radio, and you have some local voices, you also have people who bring in local relationships. That’s important to have the different voices because they have different spheres of influence in the community. The landscaper or the eye doctor, the local politician or the teacher, everyone has their sphere of influence, and some of them get to do shows, and that’s what’s fun. And everyone knows you’re not doing it for the cash. You are doing it for the love. You do it because you love your community."