Human and Animal Welfare

Co-hosts Kay Puttock and Belinda Merritt focus in this show on human and animal welfare. We start with an interview with Commander Jason Tuttle of the Ames police, talking about the police department's Crisis Intervention Team, which responds to calls from families and individuals with a mental health episode. We discuss the recent changes undergone by the Intervention Team, including the retirement of Detective Jerry Spencer, who has been working as the police department's mental health advocate and liaison.

The second interview is with Michelle De La Riva and Sally Carnes of Community and Family Resources (CFR), a non-profit organization which since 1968 has been helping people learn healthy behaviors to prevent substance abuse or alcohol, nicotine or gambling addictions, and to recover from these addictions.

Mary LeHay of Iowa Friends of Companion Animals and Iowa Voters for Companion Animals discusses the Humane Lobby Day coming up at the Capitol on Monday February 9th.

Originally broadcast 02/06/2015
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