Copreneurs and Ames Utilities

KHOI correspondent Jim Werbel looked into the idea of entrepreneurship of partners and married couples in business together, otherwise known as copreneurs. He interviewed Gary and Karen Youngberg, the Creators and owners of Ames Silversmithing. Jim also interviewed the creators and owners of Arcadia Coffee, also located in Ames, Ryan Jeffrey and Liz Naylor. Both of these interviews showed some of the obstacles along with possibilities that can occur when married couples work together as copreneurs in a business.

Cynthia McClure interviewed Mike Wheelock Utility Customer Services supervisor of the City of Ames Electric Department , about a policy change and how it has changed the lives of people in need in the City of Ames. The City of Ames is now donating its time to help those in need with an in kind donation it previously used for operating expenses. For more information on how you can help those in need contact Mike Wheelock and ask about project share.

Originally broadcast 02/09/2015
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