Remembering Boris Nemtsov, Iowa's Native Creatures

We start the hour with wildlife correspondent Pat Schlarbaum's discussion of the prairie chicken, and two events on April 4 celebrating the wild splendour of their mating dance. Then host Greta Anderson shares an interview she had with Ames resident Peter Novotorov about Boris Nemtsov, the most prominent critic of the Kremlin who was assassinated February 27. Peter shared a long history with Nemtsov, and participated in Nemtsov's path-breaking work to bring democracy to Nizhny Novgorod in the early 1990s when Nemtsov was Governor of that state. We conclude with correspondent Susan Franzen's reflections on the monarch butterfly, and all species, with guests Mark Harris, a long-time observer of the monarch, Brian Meyer, part of a new statewide initiative to restore monarch habitat, and Molly Nagel, artist working with children in making costumes for the All Species Parade to be held April 25 in Ames.

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 03/27/2015
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