Orange and Coffee Bean Liqueur

  • 44 coffee beans
  • Make 44 slits in a large orange
  • Put a coffee bean in each slit
    (The orange will now look like a medieval weapon)
  • Put 44 sugar cubes in a jar. Position the orange on top of the sugar cubes
  • Pour 2 cups of brandy, rum or vodka over this
  • Leave it to steep for 44 days, then squeeze the juice out of the orange into the alcohol
    Discard the orange, strain and pour liquid into a sterilized bottle
  • Alternatively, leave the orange in the alcohol, put it in a dark, cool place and forget about it completely. Find it covered in dust approximately 444 days later


This is not so much a recipe as an invitation to experimentation. This idea is adapted from the book:
The Flavor Thesaurus: A Compendium of Pairings, Recipes and Ideas for the Creative Cook
by Nicki Segnit Bloomsbury Publishing, New York