Food Security, Colt Walkers, and Wiccan Wisdom

Co-host Greta Anderson shares an interview with Dr. Philip McMichael, sociology professor at Cornell University who also works at the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome representing social movements of smallholder farmers, forest-dwellers, and indigenous peoples who produce up to 70% of the world's food and who are being dispossessed of their land by industrial agriculture and biofuel concerns. Dr. McMichael spoke on the ISU campus this week, and was joined in the studio by a grad student from one of the groups who brought him here, Gabrielle Roesch-McNally. Then, Belinda Merritt interviews Fred Love of the band the Coltwalkers, who have their first album out and are playing at DG's Taphouse on Saturday, and Fred plays a song live. Finally, Cynthia McClure interviews Liz Rohret of Ames about what it takes to become a Wiccan priestess and how Wiccans deal with other people's fears.

Originally broadcast 04/17/2015
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