Ames History Mural

The Ames History Mural, located in Tom Evans Plaza near the west side of Main Street in Ames was painted in 2003 by Ursula Ruedenberg and Jane Graham, in partnership with the City of Ames Public Arts Commission and funded by more than 75 individuals and businesses. The mural is scheduled to be demolished in a few weeks.

Owner of the building where the mural resides, Randy Pyle, explains the mural is coming down becasue the building is being renovated.

Kerry Dixon from the City of Ames Public Arts Commission explains the process from the city's point of view and gives some history of how the project started. Arts Advocate Carole Horowitz and former Public Arts Commissioner (who was seated when the mural was painted) talks about the meaning of this project as well as public art in general in Ames.

Artists Graham and Ruedenberg describe how the mural was made. Also, former artistic collaborator Jeanne Griffin O'Neil, who was part of Ames Mural movement in the 1970's, speaks about that inspiring era via telephone from East Grand Forks, MN.

Originally broadcast 04/24/2015
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