The Fruits of Our Labor

Today, we share the "fruits" of two different collaborations of KHOI with students in our community:

Last winter, co-host Gale Seiler and station manager Ursula Ruedenberg visited Ames High School to share a few pointers on radio production with the senior English classes, and KHOI hosted student visits to our studio. These students were in the process of interviewing an elder of their choice. Meanwhile, last fall, Gale and co-host Greta Anderson brought elementary students in the Raising Readers program to share their book reports, and again this spring, Lonna Nachtigal recorded their poems at the library.

First up on today’s show, Gale and Greta air some of these amazing high school student interviews and talk with Joe Brekke, who joins us in the studio. Then, we play some of the elementary students’ original creations, with all their inimitable charm. The wisdom and talent in our community is boundless, and KHOI is here to bring it to you!

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 04/27/2015
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