May Milestones: Travel & Tourism, and National Foster Care Month

May is National Travel and Tourism Month, and also National Foster Care Month, so these are the two topics for this show. Hear why Ames is "the BEST college town in America" (according to, and how you, as an Ames resident, can be the best ambassador and tour guide for Ames!

In the second part of the show we hear from two adult experts on the art of being a foster parent, and we also hear from two young people who have been in foster care.

  • Allyson Walter of the Ames Convention & Visitors Bureau (515) 232-4032
  • Bambi Schrader, Recruitment Supervisor of Iowa KidsNet (800) 243-0756
  • Terry Bailey, foster parent and Coordinator of the Achieving Maximum Potential (AMP) program, a program of Youth & Shelter Services for children and youth in foster care
  • Haley and Abby, two young people who have been or are in foster care

Originally broadcast 05/04/2015
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