Youth Musical Opportunities and Cole School

Hosts Ron Carson and Susan Franzen visited Al Biela, who leads the School of Rock in Ames with his wife Melita, Jeremy McIntyre of the Music Cave in Boone, and Wade Presley, Director of the Nevada High School Bands, whose Concert Band just premiered "Lights Out," a collaboration with composer Alex Shapiro from Oregon. We also heard a song by Hawk McIntyre recorded at the KHOI studio. Our tour demonstrated the variety of musical opportunities available to youth in the Heart of Iowa.

The latter part of the program featured coming events. First, the dedication of the Cole School House on E26 northeast of Boone on 843 R Ave. Barbara MacDougall talked with Paul Wierson about the process that began as a DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) project and was expanded to include several classes of Boone elementary and high school students, as well as many organizations concerned with the preservation of county schools.

The end of the program consisted of announcements of local celebrations of National Bicycle Month.


Originally broadcast 05/11/2015
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