Cambridge Skunk River Valley Days

Today's program featured Cambridge's Skunk River Valley Days. Marcia Kisner, representing the planning committee, served as our guide through the varied events of the festival. Special Features this year included a Barbecue Contest and the first International Drone Community Event showcasing the use of Drones for Agriculture. Scott Olson told us about the array of information and demonstrations of Unmanned Aviation Vehicle (UAVs) that will be available on Saturday. Ron Carson spoke with Randy Burke, whose band Randy Burk and the Prisoners will play for the Street Dance in Saturday Night. We listened to songs from their CD "Money, Heart, and Soul".

Hosts: Gina McAndrews and Susan Franzen

    Songs heard on this program:
  • Hey Little Girl, performed by Randy Burk
  • If You Only Knew, performed by Randy Burk
  • Just One More, performed by Randy Burk
  • Promised Land, written by Chuck Berry, performed by Randy Burk

Originally broadcast 06/10/2015
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