Reiman Gardens, Bird Dogging, June Events

Allyson Walters from the Convention & Visitors Bureau described the many public events happening in June that enliven our community. Here is a complete Calendar of Events

Reiman Gardens celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2015 with special events and exhibitions all year. We offer an overview of the garden's history, features, some of the people who help make the garden happen, and the current treehouse exhibition.

A training session at the Ames Library on Bird Dogging - how to prepare and ask tough questions of candidates, regardless of their political party - was given by a group called “Governing Under the Influence,” sponsored by the American Friends Service Committee. We pass along some of their advice, as we Iowans enter into the season for vetting candidates. More tips from “Governing Under the Influence,” can be found at their web site

Story County is looking for input for the Story County Cornerstone to Capstone Plan (C2C Plan) . Learn more, find a schedule, or to take the survey The C2C Plan is a coordinated long range plan that is intended to be physical and policy-based – a blueprint for how we grow and develop over the coming 20 years, identifying vision and goals, and quality of life aspects. It will incorporate the following areas:

  • Housing Economic Development
  • Transportation Service
  • Community Facilities, and Infrastructure
  • Environment and Natural Resources Land Use (Existing and Future)
  • Fringe Area Planning
  • Intergovernmental Cooperation
    There will community input meetings at 4 locations:
  • June 18th - Huxley Safe Room - 515 North Main Avenue
  • June 23rd - Colo Community Center - 309 Main Street
  • June 25th - Ames Public Library - 515 Douglas Avenue
  • June 30th - Bertha Bartlett Library in Story City - 503 Broad Street

Originally broadcast 06/12/2015
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