Ames Downtown Bike Night and Ames Bicyle Coalition

Two stories about different kinds of bikes are featured in today's show--motor bikes and the kind of bikes that burn only cholesterol and human calories. The First Main Street Bike Night, which took place in downtown Ames on Friday evening, June 19, is featured in our first segment. Later in the show Dan DeGeest, of the Ames Bicycle Coaliton, talks about the proposal for a new bike trail (to be presented informally to the Ames City Council on Tuesday June 23, and formally decided by the City Council on July 14). The proposed bike trail would provide a safe biking route from West Ames to Campustown, and also a safe route to the new Middle School. The proposed bike trail is made possible by the potential buyout from Breckenridge corporation by the City of the site of the old Middle School.

This show also features an update from Ron Edwards, Supervisor of the Ames Animal Shelter, and a report from the Ames chapter of Amnesty International, featuring an interview with Mary Sand, co-leader of this chapter.

  • Josh Duchene, instigator and chief organizer of Ames Main Street Bike Night
  • Matt Metrical, General Manager of Zylstra Harley Davidson dealership in Ames
  • Ron Edwards, Supervisor of Ames Animal Shelter
  • Mary Sand, co-leader of Ames chapter of Amnesty International
  • Dan DeGeest, Ames Bicycle Commission

Originally broadcast 06/22/2015
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