Collins Days, Lake Robbins Dance Hall and High Society Big Band

Howard Hammond of Slater, Gina McAndrews of Ames and Paul Wierson from Story City speak with Dave Struthers from Collins Iowa. Struthers describes the Collins Days town festival that will occur this Friday and Saturday.

We hear a recording of a road trip taken by Paul Wierson and KHOI producer Susan Franzen to speak with Kathy and Ron Klein of Huxley, members of the High Society Big Band who will perform at the Lake Robbins Dance Hall in Dallas County.

Susan and Paul then go to Dallas County to speak with Lynn Wilkinson, owner of the Lake Robbins Dance Hall. Lynn tells the story of the distinguished history and culture of this Lake Robbins' long existence.

Finally, in Tuning in To Agriculture, Hammond, McAndrews, and Paul Wierson describe growing up on dairy farms and discuss how dairy farming has changed over the years.

Originally broadcast 06/24/2015
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