Colo Crossroads Festival, Story County C2C Program, EPA Water Restrictions

A wide-ranging all-family event called Colo Crossroads Festival: "Magic at the Crossroads" - happens. Ray Weirson, singer / entertainer gives a preview of the fun along with Sandra Huemann-Kelly, a festival planner and owner of Niland's Cafe, located at the crossroads of the Lincoln and Jefferson Highways.

Leanne Harter, Story County Outreach and Special Projects Manager and Deb Schildroth, Director of External Operations and County Services for Story County, explain the Cornerstone To Capstone (C2C) Project, (C2C). Story County received an award from the National Association of Counties for "innovative, effective county government programs." The Cornerstone To Capstone (C2C) Project seeks your input if you live in Story County, for planning the next 20 years.Take their survey on the website or call Deb Schildroth at (515) 382-7243 or the County administration office at (515) 382-7245.

Tuning Into Agriculture: Greta Anderson asks Karen Flournoy director of the Water, Wetlands and Pesticides Division of EPA region 7 about the facts behind the EPA's recent announcement about expansion of the Clean Water Rule. The Farm Bureau has raised some concerns and objections saying it will hinder farmers.

Originally broadcast 07/08/2015
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