July in Ames, Forts in Parks?, Monarch Way Stations

Ames Public Relations Officer Susan Gwiasda updates us on Ames civic life in July, including information on road construction projects, ash tree removal and replacement, and this is the month to take guided tours of Ada Hayden Park.

Director of Ames Parks and Recreation Keith Abraham tells us about this 30th anniversary "Parks & Rec Month." KHOI teen reporter Max Ennes talks to Keith about Ames policy on young people building structures in wooded park areas. The city recently outlawed a particular Fort in Munn woods, sparking controversy.

The facts about Monarch butterflies are explored; their natural life cycle and habitats, and their drastic decline in recent years. Rural resident Mark Harris is raising Monarchs and he describes this process. Teresa Blader, masters student at ISU in Entomology and Ray Moranz, Post-Doctorate researcher from Oklahoma, discuss the realities of and research on Monarch butterflies, and the development of monarch way-stations to restock that species. Get information on Building a Monarch Way Station

Originally broadcast 07/10/2015
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