Story County Fair and 4-H History

We highlighted the Story County Youth Fair, coming up on July 25-29, and 4-H, the organization that provides the structure for youth who participate in the fair.

This year, 2015, marks the 75th anniversary of the first countywide fair held at the Story County Fairgrounds in Nevada. We were joined by guests Carolyn and Ralph Manning, retired from ISU Extension, who have written a history of 4-H in Story County, and Melissa McEnany, an Extension employee who works with the Clover Kids, the 4-H program for children in grades K-3.

During the second half of the program, we talked with current 4-Hers Lauren Rosberg, Justine Rosberg, and Katie Hodge, who shared some of their experiences with 4-H and the Story County Fair.

We closed with our weekly Tuning In To Agriculture segment. Greta Anderson talked with sweet corn grower Chuck Brekke about the sweet corn harvest and ISU assistant professor and extension specialist Ajay Nair about growing degree days.

Hosts: Paul Hertz and Ursula Ruedenberg

Originally broadcast 07/15/2015
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