Our Common Home, Bike and Build

This program is about "homes" in two different senses: First, it's affordable homes by Habitat for Humanity which an energetic, idealistic, group of young people help to work on as they take cross-country bike trips with Bike and Build. A group of thirty Bike and Build volunteers passed through Ames on July 6, and Dan DeGeest of Ames Bicycle Coalition talks with two of the leaders, Isaac Martin and Becca Waldo as they relax with their fellow builders at a picnic in Ames. Secondly this program focuses on Pope Francis's recent encyclical on the environment, (or on "Our Common Home" as the Pope refers to the earth ). We talk about the encyclical and its meaning with clerical and lay representatives of the Catholic parishes in Ames.

  • Dan DeGeest, Ames Bicycle Coalition
  • Becca Waldo and Isaac Martin of Bike and Build
  • Dan Conrady, historian at St. Cecilia's Church, Ames
  • Father Jim Secora, St. Cecilia's Church, Ames
  • Father Jon Seda, St. Thomas Aquinas Church and Catholic Student Center
  • Shari Reilly, Director of Campus Ministry, and Coordinator of Social Justice, St. Thomas Aquinas Church

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Musical Credit: Missa Gaia (or Earth Mass) by Paul Winter

Originally broadcast 07/20/2015
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