Nevada: County Fair and Briggs Terrace Evergreen Lane

This show focuses on the City of Nevada.

Nevada resident Jessica Eyanson offers a portrait of community life and spirit in Nevada as she describes various ways residents gather to help and support each other, as well as the Nevada and Colo volunteer fire departments.

Kris Corbin, a volunteer at the Nevada Historical Society and Vice Chairman of the Board, gives some background history and a tour of Briggs Terrace Evergreen Lane, the museum/mansion in Eastern Nevada, whose grounds also house historic structures including carriage houses, the George Child log house, and Halley School. Corbin explains how and why the estate house was built and tells us about the people that lived there, offering a glimpse into early life in Nevada.

In “Tuning into Agriculture,” reporter Greta Anderson interviews Chasity Moody, a young farmer and competitor at the Story County Fair happening in Nevada. Chastity describes how she has prepared herself and the animals she will show.

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 07/22/2015
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