Working Together... or Not?

Host Greta Anderson covers Tuesday's Ames city council vote in favor of the latest settlement with Breckenridge LLC, which will result in the sale of the "South Parcel" to Iowa State University, the "Middle Parcel" to the City of Ames for affordable owner-occupied homes, and will leave the "North Parcel" along Lincoln Way to the developer for the high-density student housing. A long and protracted negotiation with hundreds of hours of volunteer and staff hours of input has resulted in what most city council members describe as the best victory possible. In state government, "working together" was not this year's watchword, as Governor Branstad's veto of one-time education funding, says guest Herman Quirmbach (D-Ames), chair of the Senate Education Cmte., undermined the hard-won compromise of the split legislature. Reporter Kay Puttock leads off the show with American Legion guest Doug McRae as part of July's community service appreciation program.

Originally broadcast 07/31/2015
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