Ames Youth Shine


As guest PIPES (see below) says, "It's all about the kids." Host Greta Anderson (and literature Ph.D.) gives a thumbs-up review to a remarkable novel by 14-year-old Ames resident, Lucas Bleyle, also known as one of the "Fort Kids," and speaks with Lucas about the book's themes, his writing practice, and goals in writing. His sci-fi adventure novel, The Scavengers, depicts future Earth as a Wasteland on which Earth's former inhabitants, most of whom have moved to a larger planet called The Clean World, dump their trash. Then Teenz Zone hosts Max Eness and Thea Brenner put their spin on the topic of political cynicism. We begin the show with hour with Alex Fejfer, project director at the Ames Historical Society, telling us the background of the unique commercial district on West Street, as our ongoing segment "Why is That?" We end it with a phone call to "PIPES", the emcee for tonight's (postponed due to rain) Bike Night, who shares his vision of this type of community event.


Originally broadcast 08/28/2015
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