Mental Health

Today's show largely deals with "the national crisis in mental health" and the shortage of mental health providers that can provide prescriptions for severe mental health problems. Guests include, Carver Nebbe, a psychiatrist at ISU student health, Linda Hanson, the director of Primary Health Care, Michelle DeLa Riva, the director of community and family resources, Christine Krauss of the director of behavioral health at MGMC, and Dr. Michael Kitchell, a neurologist and Chair of the Board of Directors at McFarland Clinic. This show was spurred by an AMOS initiative on the mental health crisis. We also have Susan Gwiasda, Director of Public Relations for the City of Ames giving us an monthly update on city events. Congrats on the USA today award for healthiest city in the USA.

Originally broadcast 09/04/2015
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