A Leisurely Labor Day

In honor of this workers' holiday, host Greta Anderson interviews Dr. Colin Gordon UI professor of history, whose paper, "Stolen Chances: Low-Wage Work and Wage Theft in Iowa," was recently released by The Iowa Policy Project, together with results from a survey of 300 low-wage workers conducted by the Center for Worker Justice. Mitchell Bennett of Ames shares his experience with wage theft at a major mobile phone company. Then, we take the way-back machine to 1974, the year our guest Mark Rumsey worked at the Pantorium dry cleaners' as a summer job. He paints a portrait of the cast of characters who worked in what he describes as a "well-oiled machine." Finally, Greta reviews Saturday's Art Vacancy happening, "Free Floating", along the Skunk River, including an interview with Alex Braidwood, a sound artist in the College of Design. Also a preview of Thursday's Maximum Ames headliner, Grandmaster Flash.

Originally broadcast 09/07/2015
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