Used Books and Planned Parenthood

Imagine inheriting a million books. Or buying them for a mere buck at one of central Iowa's two major used book sales this past weekend, continuing into today at deep discount. Ames Public Library Volunteer Coordinator Sarah Bohlke talks about the quirks of the Friends Foundation book sale, and how the sale supports both the mission and bottom line of the library. The 55th annual Planned Parenthood of the Heartland book sale is pretext for a conversation with that organization's CEO, Suzanna de Baca, about the intense scrutiny it has received in past months. Suzanna describes Planned Parenthood's pregnancy counseling process, and shares how the fraudulent "sting" operation conducted against Planned Parenthood has only galvanized support for its work. Finally, we speak with Leanne Harter of Story County about Iowa DOT's plans to re-engineer traffic on Highway 30 between Ames and Nevada, and other topics of county governance.



Originally broadcast 10/12/2015
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