Todays's show focuses on Food topics and events in Ames. We begin the show talking with Sang Kang, a Ph.D. student at ISU who is teaching the Fine Dining Event Management Course at ISU, and Shane Brewer, a Senior ISU student who is taking this course. We will be learning about the Fine Dining Dinners that ISU students will be presenting to the public over the next month. I am then giving a news update on the Fall mushroom season (see the picture of Chicken in the Woods). Marg Junken will be joining us. She is the owner of the Cook’s Emporium in downtown Ames and she will be talking about her business. Finally, We have Merry Rankin back for her monthly report on Sustainability. Today she is wearing her hat as the City of Ames sustainability coordinator and talking about the City of Ames Smart Business Challenge. Joining her segment are Ebby Brown and Drew Loiacono who are seniors at ISU and helping her as interns with Smart Business Challenge. Yes, even this topic has a food element. So Stay tuned and learn more about Food in Ames. Bon appetite!

Dinner reservation information: (515) 294-7838

Originally broadcast 10/16/2015
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