Bronwyn's Run, Medicaid Changes, and a Story Song

This show features politics local, state and national. We chat with Bronwyn Beatty-Hansen, at-large candidate for Ames City Council, about the issues facing Ames (Her opponent, businessman Matt Converse, was asked to join us but could not make time in his schedule). Elections for Ames city council are being held next Tuesday, November 3.

Then, we welcome State Representative Lisa Heddens of Ames to share the human side of politics, with the story of her son's friendship with Vice President Joe Biden. Lisa also addresses Governor Branstad's decision to privatize the state's Medicare delivery system.

Finally, word weaver Reid Miller sings us some seasonal songs from his upcoming Halloween Stories event at Collegiate-Wesley Annex, Friday evening at 7:00 PM (kids) and 8:30 PM (older kids, adults) at 130 S. Sheldon in Ames.



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