KHOI Contributes to National Newscast

Four KHOI reporters--Ursula Ruedenberg, Greta Anderson, Gale Seiler and youth reporter Max Eness, were "commissioned" by Los Angeles station KPFK to contribute to its national broadcast with on-the-spot, live interviews immediately following the 2nd Democratic Presidential Debate, held at Drake University this past Saturday. Gale and Greta got credentialed for the "Spin Room", where they interviewed campaign managers of the Sanders, Clinton and O'Malley campaigns; Ursula and Max covered the scene outside the debate, snagging an interview with Cornel West and losing a shoe. We start this pledge week show interviewing our good landlord at the Pantorium, Dennis Jones, then tell the stories of our intrepid reporters as they try out a new beat and a new technology. Don't forget to pledge your support to KHOI Community Radio!

Originally broadcast 11/16/2015
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