Fund Drive: Wednesday Local Talk


Membership week Wednesday Local Talk has three live shows. This gives us a chance to showcase the varied types of programs we feature in our TEN county listening area [Story, Boone, Greene, Hamilton, Hardin, Marshall, (North Polk), Dallas, Webster, and Jasper]

7:00 AM: our Nature Reporter, Pat Schlarbaum, talked with Doug Harr, president of the Iowa Audubon Society telling us about the arctic birds seen already in Iowa this winter. Steven Bradbury of ISU and member of the Iowa Monarch Consortium then gave us an overview of the ways we can deal with the conditions driving down the numbers of Monarch Butterflies. Jessie Lowry conservation director at the Blank Park Zoo, in charge of the Plant Grow Fly program to increase habitat for Monarchs.

Noon: Stu Huntington, professor emeritus in Community and Regional Planning, joined us as a dedicated listener of KHOI to talk especially about programs in KHOI that show how small nearby towns thrive in difficult times. Host Susan Franzen shared some of her favorite voices from towns throughout the area. These were: Scott De Young, Mike Mackey, Anthony Rosing, and Robby Peterson.

7:00 PM: Marty Miller brought us two members from the original Barn Owl Band, Jon Duvick and Roger Alexander, who played songs from past concerts recorded at Ames City Auditorium and for Prairie Home Companion. They reminisced about how they first formed to play at the Central Iowa Barn Dance.