Arabic Language, Motivated Students and Difficult Conversations

This show discusses two different topics in depth. First comes the second Local Talk program-segment on "Difficult Conversations" with Alicia Krehbiel, Hospice Care Coordinator at Mary Greeley Medical Center. Hear why you should be sure to have these difficult but profoundly important conversations with your family (old AND young) and with your doctors and caregivers. And learn how to begin and continue these conversations more easily. In the second half of the program we talk with Ghinwa Alameen, a lecturer in Arabic language at Iowa State University. Ghinwa's students come from many different disciplines, and are mostly American-born, but she describes them as all "highly motivated." And they recently proved that they are highly motivated to keep Ghinwa as their instructor at Iowa State! Hear the whole story here!

Originally broadcast 11/23/2015
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