Housing Trusts and Active Shooter Planning

Story County does not receive a penny of the $6 million pot of money the state sets aside to encourage development and preservation of low-income housing. Why not? Because we do not have a local housing trust. Host Greta Anderson talks with two members of the AMOS Affordable Housing advocacy group, retired ISU sociologist Jan Flora and Emergency Residence Project director, Vic Moss, together with Ames city council member Amber Corrieri, who with others are promoting this concept as one way to address our community's critical need for affordable housing. We also air clips of a recent talk AMOS hosted by Eric Burmeister, executive director of the Polk County Housing Trust, illuminating the nuts and bolts of housing trusts, as well as broader issues concerning "community character". In the show's second half, Story County Emergency Management director Keith Morgan, together with Sgt. Nicholas Lennie and Asst. Jail Administrator Micah Andersen of the Sheriff's office, address the prospect of an "active shooter" and describe how they have prepared Story County school children to "Run / Hide / Fight".

Originally broadcast 12/14/2015
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